Thursday, March 8, 2012


sweet sour of love
come to me
again n again..
believe n hope
shattered away
recognized this voice
the symphony of heart break

want to run ,run,run  away
cant seem to hide
sorrow inside
in this heart!!!

run run run
keep on running
make me forget
tend to reject

let go
this feeling away
let me run
kiss me good bye

Thursday, February 2, 2012

takkn jdi lebih dri apa yg aku terdaya

ingin cuba aku luah kan
setiap jeritan didalam hati
cebisan2 dendam yg terkumpul
merobek intipati hati

kudiam kupendam
usaha memahami dengan perbandiangan diri
namun tidak bercambah hasil nye
ku mengerti satu dalam semua

takkan jdi lebih dri apa yg aku terdaya
sbb ku mengerti satu
dia mempunyai khilaf
dan aku mempunyai kekosongan...

tawakal selepas berdoa
ya ALLAH berikanlah aku ketenangan dan kesenangan
agar dia memahami diriku ini
dan agar ia tak menganggu hubungan aku dgn MU......

Saturday, September 3, 2011

did she know???

question in my heart n in my mind

did she know what im feeling
everytime waiting for her
insane to think but must accept the weakness of other
well not everybody perfect

did she know that i feel emptiness
every time she missing
and when im in trouble
well she not my wife to be with me all the time

did she know i cried
maybe im  a loser
but the fact is im so weak..
maybe she never notice that

did she know i made so may mistake
that i tried to fix it
without anybody helping
maybe im just stupid

but the question me the most is

did i know how she been
did i know how many time she cried
did i know what she been trhough
did i know how she feel..

the truth is...i dun know anything...i just put so much hope n so little effort....

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

im the smiley with the heart..

my heart can cry....because im a human too

the man with the smile,that's me
smiling where ever path i walk to
trying to hide waht inside
maybe fear,maybe frustration or loneliness

im the smiley with the heart
that so fragile n easily broken
it easy to scratch and easy to cripple
that has shredded many time that sometime its take time to fix

so if get my heart im begging u
plis take care of it gently
polish it every time so it could shine
never let it alone cause it get cold and lost|

im sorry if im too difficult to take care of
im sorry if im too hard to understand of
the only thing my heart want is an accompany
cause its been lonely for a long time...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


p/s:ya allah berilah aku kekuatan agar aku dpt harungi kesunyian ini...dgn dekat kan diri ku pada MU ..amin

everyday is the same story
everyday feeling the same
the same situation
i just dun know how to let it out

i tried crying
i tried talking
i tried keeping
it still the same

why i feel this way
cant just i forget her for a while..
let her go just for a minute
eliminating this feeling

its true im just lonely
its do border me
i can hide it from the world n even her
but i cant hide from myself

there's a person that i used to talk to
that i used to joke about..
that always care about me
even though im nobody

she text me when im nothing
she accompany me when im a goner
now it change,lets face the fact
people move on

they left u behind 
u just try to hold
eventually they will slip n gone
cry all day u want its still happen

i want to be the strong person
but the fact is im not
im hopeless n egoist
just face it

im a lonely person
try to survive
i guest that i just rely on a person to much
that when she gone,i m lost my way

to love somebody is a risk
to be understanding is hurtful
to care about somebody is responsibility
to stop loneliness is so hard..

Sunday, August 21, 2011

i never change

i know im confused..but the thing is i never change..not even for a minute

u talk to me like im a strange
said that ive has change
say its your fault
but inside u just wrong

i never change and still the same guy
that comfort u when u in trouble
that listen to all ur thought
n speak lovely word for u to sing along

the only thing is u never there now
there no one to comfort to
only a person that has secrets
n i juz stop to sang the word

im still here
cuz i ve have no where to go
i never change
cuz im still the person that love u....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

reminder:she waiting for u..

time past by pretty quick
that i couldn't count how much i fell so lonely
alhamdulillah it make me more closer to Allah
maybe far away from you

it hurt to wait n ignore the feeling
feel like the man that cant be move
let time past by just to take her out of my mind
i know she luv me

maybe i fell forgotten
time after time
u get used to it...
although it still the same feeling

i hate this feeling
but i luv her more..
u got a good girl
never let her her go

the pain i feel
the cry in my heart
is just the thing that make me somebody...
just one thing make me survive

thinking she waiting for me...
im just being selfish
the horrible me..
stop being a moron and start being somebody...